Kraftwerk Insider series with Balint Szeoke

Read about our unique in-house digital solutions and all the exciting possibilities in this field.

The second article of the Kraftwerk Insider series is here! In this edition we asked Balint Szeoke, Head of Digital at Kraftwerk about our unique in-house digital solutions and all the exciting possibilities in this field that envision the future of the event industry.

Why do you personally see this as the future? Why did you switch into this direction?

I’m coming from the pretty boring corporate field of energy management. Working with digital solutions is certainly a way more fulfilling job for me, bringing extra creativity in my daily routine. It is a great feeling to present new experiences to people that they can enjoy and share with others.

What makes Kraftwerk, as a digital solutions and systems provider, unique on the local market? Why do you recommend it for those looking for interactive solutions?

We are always looking for ways to improve the human experience. To do this, we strive to find the right balance between digital and analog, interactive and passive. We think of technology as a tool to augment the experience rather than being its end goal.

For which particular areas are these interactive solutions ideal for?

It is hard to explain in a few words, however some examples of successful projects we have delivered them in the past are: digital exhibitions and designs for museums, creative brand activations and the full digital design of the Hungarian Expo 2020 Pavilion.

How can we transform our developments into our own event and art space, kanvas?

Our team is very proud of the first successful digital exhibition of kanvas called “Fragment”, presented in cooperation with a local car photographer. We have developed a so-called reactive photo wall that has enlarged photos to an unconventional scale, providing a unique immersive sensation to the visitors.
The photos have been projected on a 3.8 m high, 34 running meter wide wall, which reacted to human movement and turned the still images into interactive pieces of art.
In addition, we have many new exciting concepts in the pipeline that the audience will surely love. Stay tuned for more info on them soon!

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