Kraftwerk is the official rental partner of LEDBLADE in the UAE. The LEDBLADE system powered by CRE:ON HD was developed especially for the event industry. LEDBLADE creates a depth of space or three- dimensionality: it enhances edges, expands the visual area, or links together to create any geometric design. It is compatible with any projection […]

Interactive LED-table

The interactive LED table offers an exciting opportunity to visualize maps or explore the connections between different objects or events. 3D models are placed on the horizontally set screens. The theme chosen by the visitors triggers the custom-developed content, bringing the installation to life. Previous Next


The swipe-and-throw quiz can be chosen as a stand-alone activation as well as part of other installation. The questions appear on embedded touchpads in front of the guests, and the given answers are transferred to a large central screen by swiping the displays. Visual effects running on LEDBLADEs accompany the interaction and indicate right and […]

Sliding screen

The sliding screen is a perfect event solution to present any complex topic in an engaging way. In line with any event branding and goals, the type of content and the overall look can be entertaining, educative, or informative. The design of the installation determines the framework of the presentation. We move a 75-inch screen […]

Immersive room

A full screened room with animations and voice over effects makes guests believe that they are in a virtual world. A featured object related to the content is placed in the middle of the installation for not only being highlighted but for real-time triggering the animated content on the screen. The object hides many sensors […]

Polygon mapping

Various content is projected onto the sides of a three-dimensional polygonal installation using video mapping technology. With an incorporated touchpad, visitors can browse and select from different topics to be immersed in the theme of the exhibition through a spectacular visual experience. Previous Next

Rent a bull

Have you ever been inspired by a shape? Well, we have! BULL has been engineered in our workshop for you! Sky is the limit. Depending on your design you can have BULL in wood, matte finish or just light it up. Rent a BULL. Design your whole event. Design with inspiration.

Interactive wall

Interactive wall is a spectacular solution to unfold links between parts of any complex content. Like eye-catching infographics, the layout can be designed in various styles making the wall an ideal installation at any event types. The attraction of the interactive wall is the surprising response when the analog printed surface is getting filled with […]


Mobile exhibition and display system by KRAFTWERK Throughout many years spent in the event industry, we have worked with various stand system before developing our concept for an easy-to-install, portable, and modular exhibition and display solution. Conferences, fairs, pre-function areas, art galleries, pop-up stores are the most popular segments to use B-Frame that can be […]


The virtual venue Kraftarena provides a unique solution, transforming any event to a virtual one. Participants are actively involved in the program with real-time interaction. Demo slots are available. Request your seat at ! We have created a hybrid venue, capable of hosting conferences, award ceremonies, team building events, workshops, trainings, product presentations and shows, […]

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