Amazing product display

New production services have been added to Kraftwerk’s portfolio.

We are happy to announce that Kraftwerk has become the official partner of Flyvision™’s levitating PoS system in the UAE.


The patented PoS system has been developed to help top brands stand out via a unique and innovative display solution. In front of your eyes, products will seem to defy gravity and appear suspended in mid-air like never before.

The product line is based on a real illusion that will stop and hold consumers in their tracks. Whether employed in-store, at exhibitions, or built into custom-designed showcases for exclusive artifacts, Flyvision™ delivers unparalleled display impact. FlyVision™ introduced this technology to the home décor market as well.

Contact us and visit our showroom to learn more about Flyvision™’s captivating display solution!

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